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Custom Mail Actions

With Mr. Reader v1.11 you can add Services that have an Mail based 'API' by yourself. This are services like Springpad, Evernote and many more. You will find the informations of how to use their Mail integration on their website (Springpad).

Adding a Mail Action to the Sharing Menu

Open the Mr. Reader Settings, tap on 'Services', scroll to the bottom, and tap on add 'Mail Action'. Now enter the required data. Here is a description of the input fields:

NameGets used as title in the Sharing Menu.
Example: Springpad
ToThe recipient of this mail. This is a special mail address of the used service.
CCAdditional mail recipients. Usually not used.
Subject TemplateThis is the template of the mail subject.
Example: [TITLE] @your_notebook #your_tag
Mail TemplateThis is the template of the mail body.
Example: [URL]
HTMLIf the mail should be send as an HTML or plain text mail.
Example: OFF
Standard MenuIf it should be shown in the standard Sharing Menu.
Example: ON
Text Selection MenuIf it should be shown in the Sharing Menu when some text is selected.
Example: OFF
Link MenuIf it should be shown when you opened the Sharing Menu on a link.
Example: ON

When you edit one of the template fields you will see a keyboard extension with the tags that can be used/inserted:

[SOURCE]Gets replaced with the feed name
[AUTHOR]Gets replaced with the article author
[TITLE]Gets replaced with the article title
[TEXT]Gets replaced with the article content or selected text
[TEXT-SELECTED]Gets replaced with the selected text
[URL]Gets replaced with the URL of the article
[URL-SHORTENED]Gets replaced with the shortened URL. It uses the current set URL shortener from 'Copy Short URL', Twitter, Buffer, ...